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I was kind of glad to be back in Korea, except we had another show tonight. In the practice room We began to practice for ' Mr. I began to dislike the song a little since we was replaying it and doing the dance again. "Well, I'm going to get some sleep before the show." I said, walking off into my bedroom. Finally, two hours before the concert, we got a small break. Your Point of View (I thought it would be cool to make you as a youtuber. Now, for those of you who have followed me on social media and been on my You Tube channel since, basically, the beginning, you all know I'm a huge fan of the South Korean band Super Junior.

She have everything any career woman dreamed to have. While on the other hand, a kind surgeon who saves live and even would sacrifice himself for others as long as everyone's happy.

Cuando le dijeras que solo era una broma sentiría el mayor alivio del mundo, más que nada por el susto que le habrías dado.

Donghae Le habrías puesto tan contento con la proposición que al descubrir que era una broma se entristecería mucho.

He is the only student that does not melt into a puddle of goo at the sight of Minho. Mais il avait besoin de travailler, et si il quittait ce cirque, où irait-il ? Oui, c'est ça, il allait l'éviter, se faire oublier, ne surtout pas lui dire qu'il savait. Some people live like they’re never going to get another chance to live.

When the two young men finally meet, the cold reception Minho receives from Taemin is shocking…and intriguing. Mokpo player, ready to try his feet at the big league. Physiotherapist, not ready to try his hand at feelings. C'était son rêve d'enfant, ce cirque, cet endroit était tout pour lui. Il savait trop de choses, ça pourrait être dangereux pour lui, pour sa vie. We don’t even understand what living means, yet we make these assumptions and standards to structure morals. There’s only popular opinion and a shallow desire to be “good” or more likely acceptable.

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Lee Taemin, the new junior high school student at Kwanghee Academy, is just as smart as Minho and is a dancing/singing sensation. Et si la peur devait le ronger jour après jour, tant pis.

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