Accomodating learning disabilities

As with the famous people at the start of this piece, all can be a welcome addition to a team, company and shared success.Not a Lack of Intelligence Many people, even teachers and professors, equate learning disabilities with a lack of intelligence. People with LD have a hidden disability and, depending on the type of LD, it affects how they learn, process, retain information and perform certain tasks.(See Policy: Documentation of Learning Disability and/or Attention Deficit Disorder (PDF).Students requesting academic accommodations will need to meet with the disabilities specialist at the beginning of the fall semester, to develop an "Agreement for Students with Disabilities." If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact OAS at: [email protected] LDs are usually genetic or resulting from brain injury, those affected are not going to “outgrow it” or “get better at it.” This is akin to someone who is born with or develops a hearing or vision loss; they too require accommodations (eyeglasses, braille or hearing aids) to level the playing field.Affordable LD Accommodations Abound Accommodations need not be expensive and with current technology are well within reach; for larger organizations a simple call to the IT Department may be all that is needed.provides a framework for selecting accommodations that address information processing and cognitive differences. "The Learning Disabilities Adaptations & Accommodations Guide," developed by the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center, is an excellent resource for teachers and learners as they plan together.

Incidence is often reported as one in 10, although many are not diagnosed, and while there are varied statistics on gender predisposition, boys are more often diagnosed.

How does Assistive Technology (AT) provide accommodations?

Technology can assist in many ways and with many tasks.

People with LD usually have low grades in academia due to a high focus on one teaching style.

With the right accommodations people with LD can be solid employees with a good work ethic and sensitivity towards others due to their own need to work harder, more efficiently and be judged by their personalities and attitudes rather than their academic achievement.

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The use of technology can be as simple as using an audiotape to record a lecture or as complex as using a computer program for reading or writing.

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