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"Hide the informant, silence the witnesses, and threaten the federal investigator," is how prosecutor Maggie Carter described actions taken by defendants in the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department corruption trial. Six defendants in all -- deputies, sergeants and lieutenants -- stand accused of obstructing a federal investigation into brutality and corruption inside L. County jails, which are run by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Carter described to jurors how the discovery of a contraband cell phone at Men's Central Jail in August of 2011 went from "not that big of a deal" to something one defendant called "the important investigation in LASD history." What changed?

Their group aims to meet the unique needs of younger women (up to 50 years of age) who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Guest speakers are invited to share up-to-date cancer information and sessions include informal discussions between members.

"I would fight so he doesn't get a penny from me."Instead of settling their lawsuits, Hovav and a group of other business owners hired attorneys and fought back.

The Hunter Soiree is a support group meeting place for young women to come together and share information and support.Carter told jurors: "They wanted to clean their own house, keep their problems in their own dysfunctional family," echoing statements made by two of the defendants in recorded interviews played for jurors during the trial. Did the six defendants conspire to keep Brown away from his FBI handlers, and stop or delay his testimony before a federal grand jury?There is no real dispute in this case that inmate Brown was hidden, his name was changed and records were falsified. Or were they simply trying to guard Brown against possible retaliation from deputies and inmates who might view him as a snitch?Barnum has sued more than 100 business owners for thousands of dollars each, claiming their violations of the ADA kept him from having complete access to their businesses.He's taken in roughly 0,000, with another 5,000 going to his lawyer.

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