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Follow these procedures to see if that is the problem. Get the manual for the monitor to find out what these colors mean. Swap the monitor with another if you have an extra one at home. Insert a music CD into its drive and check if you can hear audio. (For HP and Compaq computers with VISTA, use F10, For HP Pavilions with XP or earlier version of OS, use F1). This will detect any attempts to install viruses that could destroy our entire system in one second! Make sure that you place the computer in a well ventilated room to avoid overheating.

If the keyboard is not connected or if it has just been hosed, or if the computer restart has not initialized the keyboard before it stopped and gave you the blank screen, then your none of the keys work! After the above checks, restart the computer and see if it is okay. A component in the computer (such as a graphics card) may have overheated.Before I go any further, I should tell you that you should not go into the BIOS unless you either know what you're doing or you're working on a computer that is unimportant to you or anyone who may need it.While it's relatively difficult to destroy data by changing values in the BIOS, it IS easy to make changes that would prevent the computer from booting.My recommendation (as can be seen in the video) is to go get the latest BIOS version for your particular model of Acer Aspire One. I got my first PC in 1994 and it was love at first sight.These are the instructions site with the instructions: One AOA110/Aspire One AOA110faq22.shtml And here’s the Acer official web site in case you need it: If you found this information useful or you have any questions please leave a comment. Ever since I have been working with hardware and software both as a paid job and as a hobby.

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That memory is used to store the values entered when you set up the computer's BIOS parameters.

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